18. januar 2017


David Tehrani
Founder and Chairman
E-mail: david@flyingfeed.no
Phone: (+47) 994 02 366

The Team

David Tehrani
Founder & Chairman

Cand. Scient. in Genetics from University of Oslo.

Started working on Flying Feed in 2013. Also studied in Germany and part of several research projects. Head of Faculty of Comparative Medicin. Experience as a Patent Engineer and Consultant.

Phone: (+47) 994 02 366

Sindre Lysø
Board Member

MBA from Norwegian School of Economics.

Sindre is good at most things and his role at Flying Feed is as an Economic Consultant and Marketing advisor. He has had several internships at leading Norwegian brands.

Phone: (+47) 975 08 308

Tormod Ellingsen
Board Member

MA from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Tormod also ha a BA in journalism and has worked as a journalist and with communications since 1999. His role at Flying Feed is presentations and communications.

Phone: (+47) 975 81 095

Tage Thorstensen
Board Member

Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Oslo.

Researcher NIBIO. Prev. Sen. adv. at Biotek.rådet, bus. developer at Inven2 and ARD, member VKM´s exp. team on GMO and a rep. to The EU Plant Sc. Org. Agricult. Tech. Work. Group.

Phone: (+47) 402 00 909

Jon Einar Linnæs
Board Member

Founder of Moum Økologiske.

Board member at Flying Feed and founder of Moum Økologiske. Experience in sustainable food production and running an organic food business.

Phone: (+47) 907 94 011

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Jonathan E. Colman
Board Member

Jonathan E. Colman is an Associate Professor at MINA, NMBU.

He is also a senior researcher at University of Oslo and an Executive Manager at NaturRestaurering AS. His work with ecological and organic issues stretches back 25 years.

Phone: (+47) 959 01 286

Guro Havrevold
Board Member

Education from University of Oslo in "Environmental Ethics".

Guro is currently teaching at a junior high school in Fredrikstad, Norway. Guro´s role in Flying Feed is as a general advisor.

Phone: (+47) 959 61 036

Espen N. Evensen


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