17. januar 2017

Our Idea

Founder David Tehrani

Founder David Tehrani

We will produce living larvae and larvae protein powder for feed production and as a feed additive. The main markets for this product is fish farming, life stock and poultry farming.

MORE: Our goal – Sustainable insect production. Better feed.

Our production is well suited for a circular economy. Larvae production utilizes wet organic waste from several sources.

Proteins are the primary make-up of all feed for fish, poultry and most other animals, except ruminants. Certain insect species are especially suited for produced a high protein feed or feed additive on an industrial scale.

About a third of all food produced worldwide, is wasted. This misuse accounts for about 8% of all greenhouse gases emitted. In Norway alone, this accounts for 385 000 metric tons. These are resources that make an ideal basis for insect production and, hence, can become a new protein source.

Large scale production of insects is still rare and no other producers are present in Norway today.

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